Dungeon Crawl Classics - Rise to Glory

Rise to Glory II: Electric Boogaloo

New DCC Campaign 4/1/2017

Rise to Glory II: Electric Boogaloo

I have been setting up a new DCC campaign for us; for the sake of convenience, I plan to use the default Aereth setting of DCC. I’m planning on using some third party publisher modules for the Funnel and beginning of the campaign (from Stormlord Publishing), but I am setting them in the known world.

Your characters will be from the Southern Province (the region of which Punjar is the capital), but from the borderlands of the Sentinal Mountains near the Ghetrian Desert. The campaign is intended to take you from your remote village near the mountains that separate the Southern Province from the Ghetrian Desert to the islands just off the coast in the Lirean Sea and then to Punjar and beyond . . .


Valerianus Valerianus

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