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Session 11 - "Fate's Fell Hand" (Continued)

Fate's Fell Hand

Session 11 – “Fate’s Fell Hand” (Continued)

Date: Sunday, 5/17/15
Game Dates: 4/7/3200 – 4/8/3200 E.C. (Empyrean Calendar)
Module: Fate’s Fell Hand by Harley Stroh
Current Party Level: 4 (some 2, henchmen level 1)
XP Needed For Level 2: 50 (for henchmen)
XP Needed For Level 3: 110
XP Needed For Level 4: 190
XP Needed For Level 5: 290

The Party

Player Character Alignment Former Profession Current XP
Eli Bergstein Tamash the Savant (4th level Elf) L Elven Artisan 190
Tanya Brodd Domnos the Conjurer (3rd level Wizard) L Trapper 145
Amy Schulz Amethyst the Diabolist (3rd level wizard) C Minstrel 170
Alex Schulz Gazal the Marauder (3rd level warrior) C Wizard’s Apprentice 170
Elizabeth Schulz (becoming NPC?) Katy the Marauder (3rd level warrior) C Caravan Guard 170
Phil Schulz Aric Twofingers the Cultist of Bobugbubilz (3rd level cleric) C Guild Beggar 170
Andrew Bergstein Budabob the Shaman (2nd level Wizard) C Woodcutter 58
Luis Schulz Ludo the Broker (2nd level Dwarf) L Dwarven Miner 53
NPC Gorm the Delegate (3rd level dwarf) L Dwarven Miner 170

Henchmen of Tamash the Quester: Valannus the Evoker (1st level wizard XP 15), Izdrel the Witness (1st level Cleric of Cthulhu XP 10)
Henchmen of Amethyst the Controller: Zuzu (XP 10), Carnelian (dwarf apprentice) (XP 10)
Henchmen of Katy the Brigand: Dopey (XP 10)
Henchmen of Aric Twofingers the Convert: Anana (XP 10), Thompson (XP 10)

Game Date: 4/7/3200 E.C.

As a red sun dawned in the Vale, the party tried to decide where to look for the remaining plaques. As they set out through the Low Gate, Tamash noticed a loose flagstone covering a shaft leading to caves below the Manor. Domnos dropped down a torch and used her crystal globe to scry ahead, seeing swarms of flies below. They climbed down the shaft. Aric Twofingers used Turn Unholy to dispel the clouds of flies. They made their way to a copper doorway. Gazal fell down a pit trap in front of the door. The party was unable to open the door, but Aric was able to turn it into delicious food using Food of the Gods.

The Jester arrived and tried to distract the party, but working together, Gazal, Tamash, and Tamash’s Invisible Companion managed to open the coffer and acquire the Devil Card. The Jester fled in fury.

The party climbed out of the cavern and spent a long time searching the shore of the lake for a way into the realm of the Red Sorceress. Gazal went swimming, but saw nothing. Aric tried to Detect Magic, but failed, and had to spend an hour praying for forgiveness. After this, they went back to the battlefield, then decided to travel to the Tower Beyond the Moon. They waited for the bridge to appear, and Amethyst and Domnos used force manipulation to make platforms to protect them on the crossing.

The party visited the clockwork court of the yellow king, and took a mysterious black vial that they were offered, but did not open it. They found their way to the torture chamber and claimed the plaques, escaping from the Tower.

Having found the key to visiting the Red Sorceress, they prepared to enter her realm under the lake. Domnos invoked the Three Fates before beginning the expedition . . . and so, when facing the Sorceress, having acquired the last plaques, she was able to Spellburn using her last chaos stone to cast an epic Force Manipulation and thus escape the collapsing undersea lair of the Sorceress.

Game Date: 4/8/3200 E.C. (Empyrean Calendar)

Returning to the Manor the next morning, they planned to use the power of the plaques and the Throne of the Archmagi to open up a gateway home. Tamash successfully opened the portal, gaining a level and spells in the process, and they arrived back in Punjar to take a long rest . . .


DCC #70 – “Jewels of the Carnifex”


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