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Session 10 - "Fate's Fell Hand"

Fate's Fell Hand

Session 10 – “Fate’s Fell Hand”

Date: Saturday, 4/18/15
Game Dates: 4/6/3200 to 4/7/3200 E.C. (Empyrean Calendar)
Module: Fate’s Fell Hand by Harley Stroh
Current Party Level: 3 (some 2, henchmen level 1)
Current XP: 147 for main characters, 122 for Domnos, 35 for Budabob, 30 for Ludo, 10 for henchmen
XP Needed For Level 2: 50 (for henchmen)
XP Needed For Level 3: 110
XP Needed For Level 4: 190

The Party

Player Character Alignment Former Profession Current XP
Eli Bergstein Tamash the Quester (3rd level Elf) L Elven Artisan 147
Tanya Brodd Domnos the Conjurer (3rd level Wizard) L Trapper 122
Amy Schulz Amethyst the Diabolist (3rd level wizard) L Minstrel 147
Alex Schulz Gazal the Marauder (3rd level warrior) C Wizard’s Apprentice 147
Elizabeth Schulz (becoming NPC?) Katy the Marauder (3rd level warrior) C Caravan Guard 147
Phil Schulz Aric Twofingers the Cultist of Bobugbubilz (3rd level cleric) C Guild Beggar 147
Andrew Bergstein Budabob the Cultist (1st level Wizard) C Woodcutter 35
Luis Schulz Ludo the Agent (1st level Dwarf) L Dwarven Miner 30
NPC Gorm the Delegate (3rd level dwarf) L Dwarven Miner 122

Henchmen of Tamash the Quester: Valannus the Evoker (1st level wizard XP 15), Izdrel the Witness (1st level Cleric of Cthulhu XP 10)
Henchmen of Amethyst the Controller: Zuzu (XP 10), Carnelian (dwarf apprentice) (XP 10)
Henchmen of Katy the Brigand: Dopey (XP 10)
Henchmen of Aric Twofingers the Convert: Anana (XP 10), Thompson (XP 10)

Game Date: 4/6/3200 E.C.

The party passed through one of the Nether Gates and into the Vale of the Magi. They watched the moon set in front of a distant tower, and as they trudged down into the vale, watched a blue sun rise! They passed by a battlefield on their way to a manor house by a lake . . .

At the lake, Aric Twofingers used his new Lotus Stare spell to hypnotize Gazal and make him jump in the lake! The Low Gate to the Manor House by the lake seemed ancient and disused, so the party went around to the High Gate. There, they were greeted by some Ladies-in-Waiting in yellow (Signe, Nyx, and Moira) and the Matron who cared for them. The Ladies seemed quite taken with Tamash, Gazal, and Gorm, and invited them to the High Fete that night (including a tournament to choose champions for the Ladies), though the Matron made her disapproval clear.

The Matron began to confide to Domnos that she secretly wished for some way out of the Vale, and was beginning to explain about the strange nature of that place, when they were interrupted by Father Moro, a creepy red-clad priest, with some red-clad men-at-arms. He seemed vaguely menacing and threatening, but ultimately he departed to attend to his clerical duties. The Matron escorted her charges to their room, leaving the party to explore the Manor House.

Entering the Great Hall, they encountered a melancholy warrior in yellow, Captain Kaschei, the “Prince of Swords” . . . he was drunk and brawled a bit with the party when Domnos tried to take his bottle. He explained more about the nature of the Vale of the Magi, and the plaques that control the destiny of everyone in the Vale. He told them of the Magician-King, Darjr, the Sorceress Eriodade, and the Wizard Al-Hazred. The King on Yellow Darjr dwells in the Tower Beyond the Moon, and the Red Sorceress Eriodade dwells beneath the lake, but none knew where the Blue Wizard Al-Hazred dwelt. They also encountered a creepy little Fool or Jester that seemed to prevent them from learning much more from Kaschei.

They found a trap door hidden under a carpet with three locks – one iron, one copper, and one gold. They decided to try to find the keys and return.

The party went to the High Fete being held at the Manor House. The three male champions, Tamash, Gazal, and Gorm, received favors from the Ladies-in-Waiting in the form of keys – iron, copper, and gold. Tamash even suffered the touch of iron to bear his Lady Signe’s token. The Tournament involved a Grand Melee in which the champions battled blue-clad warriors in service to the Blue Wizard, Al-Hazred. After their victory, they also slew Father Moro and his red-clad men-at-arms. Aric claimed the enchanted Sacrificial Bowl and Dagger that belonged to Moro (which allow a cleric to cast spells more effectively, at the risk of suicidal madness), and Gazal put on some of his red robes.

The party returned to the trap door under the Great Hall and used the keys they had obtained to enter the Manor Tomb. They defeated a Stone Drake by putting it to sleep with a spell. They found and attempted to use the scrying pool known as the Eye of Al-Hazred, but the entity within it tried to kill Gazal, and Aric ultimately drove the creature away. This revealed that the pool contained the plaques in the keeping of Al-Hazred.

Tamash claimed the plaques, and this caused Al-Hazred, who was in the next chamber, to implode. The party was able to retrieve the Celestial Mantle of Al-Hazred, his blue cloak, that allows a wizard to cast certain spells more effectively, for a price in life-force . . . .

Game Date: 4/7/3200 E.C.

The party emerged from the Manor Tomb just before dawn, to see the Fool deal the cards between the remaining Magi, the Yellow King Darjr and the Red Sorceress Eriodade. Eriodade claimed the upper hand, and it was a red sun that rose over the Vale of the Magi that day . . .

Stepping out of the Manor House to see the red sunrise, the party also noted that the Vale seemed smaller than it was the day before – the Vale was shrinking! If they don’t find a way back to Punjar soon, the Vale may be destroyed, and the party with it!


DCC #78 – Fate’s Fell Hand by Harley Stroh (continued)


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