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Sessions 16-19 - Peril on the Purple Planet

DCC#84 Peril on the Purple Planet

Sessions 16-19 – Peril on the Purple Planet

Date: ???
Game Dates: 6/1/3200 – 6/20/3200 E.C. (Empyrean Calendar)
Module: Peril on the Purple Planet
Current Party Level: 4 (some 2, henchmen level 1)
Current XP: 240 for main characters, 270 for Tamash, 215 for Domnos, 118 for Budabob, 118 for Ludo, 35 for henchmen
XP Needed For Level 2: 50 (for henchmen)
XP Needed For Level 3: 110
XP Needed For Level 4: 190
XP Needed For Level 5: 290

The Party

Player Character Alignment Former Profession Current XP
Eli Bergstein Tamash the Savant (4th level Elf) L Elven Artisan 270
Tanya Brodd Domnos the Conjurer (4th level Wizard) L Trapper 240
Tanya Brodd Jaddak the Thief (4th level Thief) C ? 240
Amy Schulz Amethyst the Witch (4th level wizard) C Minstrel 240
Alex Schulz Gazal the Ravager (4th level warrior) C Wizard’s Apprentice 240
Elizabeth Schulz (becoming NPC?) Katy the Ravager (4th level warrior) C Caravan Guard 240
Phil Schulz Aric Twofingers the Apostle of Bobugbubilz (4th level cleric) C Guild Beggar 240
Andrew Bergstein Budabob the Shaman (3rd level Wizard) C Woodcutter 118
Luis Schulz Ludo the Broker (3rdd level Dwarf) L Dwarven Miner 118
NPC Gorm the Envoy (4th level dwarf) L Dwarven Miner 240

Henchmen of Tamash the Quester: Valannus the Evoker (1st level wizard XP 15), Izdrel the Witness (1st level Cleric of Cthulhu XP 10), Caliph (1st level thief, XP 25)
Henchmen of Amethyst the Controller: Zuzu (XP 10), Carnelian (dwarf apprentice) (XP 10)
Henchmen of Katy the Brigand: Dopey (XP 10)
Henchmen of Aric Twofingers the Convert: Anana (XP 10), Thompson (XP 10)
Henchman of Domnos: Vallardine (XP 50)

Game Date: 6/1/3200 E.C.

The party checked out the 2 remaining Nether Gates – one blood red and one purple. They tried opening the blood red one, but it was bricked up on the other side! So they opened the purple door and were whisked away to the Purple Planet!

They found themselves in a great alien pyramid. The portal through which they had arrived had been powered by a greenstone, but only a tiny shard was left. Aric Two-Fingers figured out that a full greenstone would be needed to power the portal to get home. Tamash took the greenstone shard. Amethyst figured out how to open the doors using a panel (8-4-3).

Leaving the pyramid, they discovered a war-band of House Reagen-Tor of the Kith, apparently the dominant race of the Purple Planet. The party used their connection to a Patron at the Court of Chaos – Hekanhoda – to exchange the Argent Falx and the Cursed Bowl & Blade for the whole party to gain the ability to speak Kith. After conferring with the Reagen-Tor Kith, with was determined that their rivals, House Cotcyst, possessed a greenstone. The party decided that this would be easier to obtain than the greenstone possessed by the Great Mother of Death Orms . . .

Gazal fought a death-duel with a Kith Champion and beheaded him, claiming his plasma torch weapon.

The party made a trip to the Mushroom Jungle to collect Moon-Milk needed for survival on the Purple Planet. They occasionally found other treasures, such as a metal locker buried in the sand on the way that contained 3 greenstone shards. Having collected the precious Moon-Milk, they returned to camp at the Pyramid.

Game Date: 6/2/3200 E.C.

The party traveled across the wastes towards the mountains. They came upon a dead Orm, and sought strekleons and gribbs. They entered the Ancestor Peaks. That night, they fought a raiding party of House Cotcyst. They captured the leader – Mordeth – and used ESP to drain his brain of info.

Game Date: 6/3/3200 E.C.

The party decided to form a new plan – what if they could get House Reagen-Tor as allies for a war against House Cotcyst? They used Force Manipulation to transport Mordeth. They made their way through a minefield (Amethyst summoned gribbs to sweep for mines!). They found a flying skiff and flew back to the Pyramid.

Game Date: 6/4/3200 E.C.

The party sighted the warband called Devotees of the Negnib in the distance. Amethyst and Domnos used Force Manipulation to create flying platforms to go meet with them. During the negotiations, it was revealed that the Kith were expecting the reincarnation of their leader, the Negnib, and they decided that Amethyst was the Negnib! Ludo, Gazal, and Amethyst got tattoos marking them as House Reagen-Tor and members of the Devotees of the Negnib. They set out and made alliances with other warbands in the aread.

Game Date: 6/6/3200 E.C.

Having consulted with their allies in House Reagen-Tor, they decided to head to the headquarters of the House, the City of Smoke, to recruit as many Kith of Reagen-Tor as possible for war with House Cotcyst. They made their way across the wastes and Mushroom Jungle towards the City of Smoke, having adventures and finding treasures.

Game Date: 6/9/3200 E.C.

On the edges of the Mushroom Jungle, the party met with another band of refugees from their home planet, Aereth. They teamed up with these travelers, including Jaddak the Thief. They traveled on to the City of Smoke. After exploring the City and meeting its Ascended Masters, they discovered that the City of Smoke was powered by a greenstone. Deciding that it would be easier to steal this stone than fight a war for the one possessed by House Cotcyst, they betrayed House Reagen-Tor and stole their greenstone, destroying the City of Smoke and killing untold legions of Kith! They used Force Manipulation to survive the City of Smoke and escaped to head back to the Pyramid.

Game Fate: 6/20/3200 E.C.

Back at the Pyramid, Amethyst opened a portal back to Punjar . . . so the heroes returned home to Aereth . . .

XP Earned: 25


DCC #73 – Emirikol Was Framed!


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