Amun Tor

Amun Tor (Father of Riddles)

Greater god, N —Mystery, Riddles


Amun Tor (ah-mun-TOR), the Lord of Mystery, the Father of Riddles, is a mysteriarch among gods, the deity of knowledge, the known and unknown. He is the god once charged by the Triad to oversee the realms now known as the Lostlands. It was Amun Tor who first led the sphinxes to the majesty that was the Khonsurian Empire, and it was Amun Tor who warned his daughter, the immortal Queen Ankharet, from the path that led to its ruin. He watches still over the wind, hills, and deserts of the Lostlands, the unseen lord of every city and desolation.

The Father of Riddles has many followers, mostly among the peoples of the Lostlands, but few real priests devote their lives to his enigmatic dogma. True worship of Amun Tor is a mystery in itself; an acolyte must study the hieroglyphs of his mazelike
temples for many years to discover his doctrines. One of Amun Tor’s only known tenets is that true power is worth searching for and is therefore hidden in riddles. The greatest
of his temples, usually half-buried in the wilds of the Lostlands, are labyrinthine pyramids hiding divine reliquaries and arcane libraries. Adventurers faced with the prospect of infiltrating one of Amun Tor’s temples know that exceptional perils and exceptional rewards lie within.

The Lord of Mysteries is depicted differently in each culture of which he is a part. Some see him as a great androsphinx, while others see him as a tall elf gilded like the noble servants of old Khonsuria. Still others represent him only as an eye-shaped glyph.

The domains associated with Amun Tor are Air, Fire, Knowledge, Magic, and Weather. His favored weapon is the quarterstaff. His symbol varies with each culture but often incorporates an image of an eye.

Amun Tor

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