Mirror of Truth

The Mirror of Truth

The Mirror of Truth reveals all illusions reflected by it, including revealing invisible creatures. It is a Chaotic item powered by a chained demon, which can answer questions. It can offer tricky answers, but the answers are always true.

When obtained by a new owner, it is required to let them know that it can be asked three questions, but if asked a fourth by the same owner, it is freed and the mirror will shatter. The demon’s name is Palmonides. It is able to speak without being asked, as it desires, but is unable to lie. When a being asks the question that frees Palmonides, not only will the demon answer truthfully and well, but the question gains +1 Luck. If the questioner is in dire peril at the time the question is asked, the demon transports the questioner (and only the questioner) 1d4 miles in a random direction (but always to
a relatively safe location), whether the questioner wills it or not, before bidding farewell. The judge is encouraged to keep strict track of questions; anything that could be considered a question is one. The demon announces the questions used; i.e., “That is your first question”, “That is another question,” “Ah! Your third question; the next shall free me! Ask that I may answer!”

Finally, whenever a character looks into the mirror – to ask questions or to determine the true nature of things – there is a 1% cumulative chance that the character sees something unspeakable that affects his reason. The character loses 1d3 points of Personality and must make a Will save (DC 10) or lose 1 point of Intelligence as well. However, the sight grants the user insight into the magical nature of the universe, allowing her a chance to know enough about a random spell of the highest potential level she can learn that she could subsequently attempt to learn the spell using the normal rules (see pages 314- 315 of the core rulebook).

Mirror of Truth

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