The capital city of the independent Southern Province, ruled by its Overlord, Trayr Sains, Overlord of the South, Master of Heaven and Earth, Dragon of the Lirean Sea, etc., etc.

From the Gazetteer of the Known Realms:

Punjar: (Metropolis, pop. 75,100)

Largest of all the cities in the Northlands, Punjar is also among the most dangerous. Her chaotic, sandy streets, torturous alleyways, and dense buildings are encircled by more than a dozen walls, each built to encompass the city in an earlier time. Now the walls serve to divide the city into wards, each less affluent, more densely populated, and more desperate than the last. In the center of the city, atop a high ridge, stands the palace of the Overlord, the dark spider at the center of a vast web.

Of the many disreputable guilds laired in Punjar, the most notorious and far-reaching is the brotherhood of assassins known as the Slayers. Feared throughout the known
world, rumors attribute supernatural abilities to the Slayers, including the ability to walk through walls and cloud the minds of their targets. Some rumors even go so far as to suggest that the Slayers were directly responsible for the Night of the Long Knives. Even if none of the rumors are true, it may be said with certainty that the Slayers maintain spy rings that operate throughout the world.

Whole volumes have been written on the labyrinthine intrigues of Punjar, and it serves no purpose to recount those plots here. Suffice it to note that every citizen conspires to get ahead in Punjar, and each one plans to do it standing on the backs of his neighbors.


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