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Session 14 - "Blades Against Death"

Blades Against Death

Session 14 – “Blades Against Death”

Date: Saturday, 8/22/15
Game Dates: 4/24/3200 – 5/9/3200 E.C. (Empyrean Calendar)
Module: Blades Against Death by Harley Stroh
Current Party Level: 4 (some 2, henchmen level 1)
Current XP: 215 for main characters, 190 for Domnos, 93 for Budabob, 93 for Ludo, 10 for henchmen
XP Needed For Level 2: 50 (for henchmen)
XP Needed For Level 3: 110
XP Needed For Level 4: 190
XP Needed For Level 5: 290

The Party

Player Character Alignment Former Profession Current XP
Eli Bergstein Tamash the Savant (4th level Elf) L Elven Artisan 235
Tanya Brodd Domnos the Conjurer (3rd level Wizard) L Trapper 190
Amy Schulz Amethyst the Witch (4th level wizard) C Minstrel 215
Alex Schulz Gazal the Ravager (4th level warrior) C Wizard’s Apprentice 215
Elizabeth Schulz (becoming NPC?) Katy the Ravager (4th level warrior) C Caravan Guard 215
Phil Schulz Aric Twofingers the Apostle of Bobugbubilz (4th level cleric) C Guild Beggar 215
Andrew Bergstein Budabob the Shaman (2nd level Wizard) C Woodcutter 93
Luis Schulz Ludo the Broker (2nd level Dwarf) L Dwarven Miner 98
NPC Gorm the Envoy (4th level dwarf) L Dwarven Miner 215

Henchmen of Tamash the Quester: Valannus the Evoker (1st level wizard XP 15), Izdrel the Witness (1st level Cleric of Cthulhu XP 10), Caliph (1st level thief, XP 25)
Henchmen of Amethyst the Controller: Zuzu (XP 10), Carnelian (dwarf apprentice) (XP 10)
Henchmen of Katy the Brigand: Dopey (XP 10)
Henchmen of Aric Twofingers the Convert: Anana (XP 10), Thompson (XP 10)
Henchman of Domnos: Vallardine (XP 50)

Game Date: 4/24/3200 E.C. – 5/1/3200 E.C.

The party used this time to recover from the spellburn and other ravages of their previous adventures . . .

Game Date: 5/2/3200 E.C.

The party, following sinister hints in the Grimoire Nex, visited the Squalor Court in Punjar, seeking the Witch of Saulim for hints about how to bring back the dead.

While some of the party stood watch outside the tent (notably Gazal and Aric Twofingers), Amethyst led the way into the tent, greeting the witch as “sister.” Hours passed outside the tent while only a short while seemed to pass within. The Witch of Saulim performed a reading from the deck oh Thoth-Ruin, giving the party clues on how to visit the realm of the death and bring back the dead. They took The Moon as their totem card.

Game Date: 5/3/3200 E.C. (Full Moon)

The party assaulted the Temple of the Moon in Punjar, climbing the ziggurat and attacking the guards on the platform at the top. Unfortunately, the guards were able to summon assistance. Fortunately, so were the party, using Tamash’s War Horn of Elfland spell. The party watched through the opening at the top (and several were blinded temporarily by the moonlight), the Tamash jumped down using a feather fall cast by Domnos, stabbed the abbotess, wrestled the argent falx from her, and was hauled up by rope.

The Abbotess of Mani swears revenge! (The party also swears to take out the Cult of Mani, so they’re even).

Game Date: 5/4/3200 E.C.

The party goes to the site of the ruins of the temple of the Carnifex, then follows Ash Alley to the site of the old Charnel Pits. They find a shrine to the Carnifex, and Domnos lit a candle. They entered the Pits, used force manipulation to make a bridge through some of the ruins, then past the ovens to where the ghost of a fishwife named Moira guarded the Gates of Death. Domnos used the Blade of Atropos spell to cut through Moira, destroying her forever, and cut the silver chain to get through the Gates of Death . . .

The party entered the Realm of Death, where Death awaited on a throne, attended by his concubine Eris, and the Witch of Saulim. They could see fallen companions, such as Vallardine, Caliph, Moloch, and Morgan, bound with silver chains. Eris offered them the chance to gamble their lives to save dead companions.

Domnos risked her life to gamble for the life of Vallardine . . . and won! Tamash used the argent falx to cut him free,

Then Gazal gambled for the life of Caliph, the first member of the party to die in the Portal Under the Stars! Vallardine lent almost all his Luck to Gazal so that he could cheat Death . . . and he won! Tamash cut the chains with the argent falx, and Caliph rejoined the party!

The party was about to flee back through the portal to Punjar, when Eris offered them a chance to play against Death himself for a future resurrection! The party wisely chose to flee back through the portal without risking this . . .

Game Date: 5/4/3200 E.C. – 5/9/3200 E.C.

The party spent time resting and healing, and allowing Vallardine to recover his Luck!


Return to the Temple of the Moon! And DCC #84 – Peril on the Purple Planet (?)


Valerianus Valerianus

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