Dungeon Crawl Classics - Rise to Glory

Rise To Glory II Rebooted: Prince Charming, Reanimator

Prince Charming, Reanimator

Rise to Glory II Rebooted: Prince Charming, Reanimator


The Party

Player Character Occupation Alignment Fate
Yahsenia Adam Lake (m.) Woodcutter Chaotic survived
Yahsenia Michael Lin (m.) Squire Neutral survived
Yahsenia Jill Forner (f.) Armorer Neutral survived
Yahsenia Lemon Chill (f.) Jeweler Chaotic survived
Alex Merry (f.) Dwarven Stonemason Chaotic survived (somehow)
Alex Perry (f.) Dwarven Apothecarist Lawful survived
Alex Caesar (m.) Ditch Digger Neutral deceased (eaten by hobyahs)
Alex Marth Hammer (m.) Woodcutter Neutral survived
Tanya Siggi (f.) Cutpurse Lawful survived
Tanya Helga (f.) Hunter Lawful deceased (killed by greater hobyahs)
Tanya Feeli (m.) Dwarven Apothecarist Neutral survived
Tanya Keeli (m.) Dwarven Blacksmith Lawful survived
Amy Azona (f.) Jester Chaotic survived
Amy Lunestra (f.) Halfling Gypsy Chaotic survived
Amy Vyvance (f.) Squire Chaotic deceased (eaten by hobyahs)
Amy Zyprexa (f.) Orphan Chaotic deceased (killed by greater hobyahs)
Phil Tarsal (f.) Jeweler Lawful survived
Phil Heme (m.) Squire Neutral survived
Phil Osto (m.) Costermonger Neutral survived
Phil Yu (m.) Urchin Chaotic survived
Colin (NPC) George Hobyah (mascot) Chaotic survived

The Castle in the Woods

The party were peasants rounded up by the bailiff of Prince Hubert Charming, son of the Baron of Westlake. They were sent into the Grimmswood to find and enter the ruins of Sefton Castle and retrieve the enchanted Sleeping Beauty so that the Prince could awaken her with a kiss (and his Reanimation Serum). His previous brides, Princess Ella and Princess Snow, were both rescued from near(?) death, but both died after only a short time of marital bliss with the Prince.

Roses Red

The party was sent into the Grimmswood very close to Sefton Castle. They found a narrow, overgrown path to the left and a well-trod, recently used path to the right. The party decided to go left, since whoever had taken the right-hand path had failed. They found a crumbling stone wall overgrown with red roses, and a gap that could be climbed through to reach the castle courtyard. They entered cautiously, and found the place greatly overgrown.

The Stables and the Ruined Kitchen

The party decided to investigate the stables on the west side of the courtyard first. They found a few useful items, but little of interest at first – until a small tunnel (just big enough for a halfling to walk through, others had to duck or crawl) in a horse-stall marked “Princess.” Apparently deciding that the name of the horse, “Princess,” was a good omen, Perry and Yu decided to check it out. The tunnel led to a ruined kitchen where they were attacked by a drop crawler, a horrible tentacled arachnid beast! Several other members of the party crawled through the tunnel to help fight it. There was some debate about trying to subdue and domesticate the thing, but in the end, it was a fight to the death. They saved Yu, who had seemed doomed, and although they had thought Merry was killed, he turned out to be OK. Michael Lin heroically slew the drop crawler with his longsword.

As the party members who had crawled to the kitchen were returning in triumph to the stables (some with iron pots on their heads as helmets!), they were attacked by a number of nasty fey creatures called hobyahs. They did manage to subdue one and tie it up and lock it in a box, but the hobyahs killed Caesar the ditch-digger. More Chaotic elements of the party decided to befriend the captive hobyah by feeding him parts of Caesar, and they decided to call him George. George is the unofficial mascot of the party.

The Chapel of Justicia

The party interrogated George about secret tunnels in the castle, and he indicted that a tunnel led to the Chapel of Justicia on the eastern side of the courtyard. The party sent some members in to investigate (Merry was struck down by Justicia’s holy flame for daring to profane her chapel after cutting off Caesar’s fingers to feed George – but she was revived and confessed her sins.). Once in the chapel, they located the tunnel and sent a few party members down to explore.

The Tomb

The tunnels led the expedition to the tomb below the courtyard, where generations of the castle’s inhabitants were buried. They looted the graves for silver jewelry, a rusty but serviceable shield, and Tarsal found an enchanted shortsword called Hale-Warden. Tarsal used Hale-Warden to detect that many, many hobyahs were lurking about near the tomb and in the tunnels. The expedition decided to return to the rest of the party. As soon as they entered the narrow tunnels, they were set upon by hobyahs, who killed and ate Vyvance the squire who had been bringing up the rear.

The Tower and the Laboratory of Doctor Chapman

The party went back through the courtyard to the tower on the south wall. Inside the tower, they found stairs up to a trap door. An expedition was sent to explore upstairs . . . and ended up in an extradimensional space – the Laboratory of Doctor Chapman!

The expedition explored the strange wizard’s laboratory they had found, which was clearly too large to fit into the tower they were in, and found much that perplexed them, and that they did not understand fully. After a time, the ghost of Doctor Chapman himself appeared – a stoop-shouldered old man with half-moon spectacles. He asked what they sought, and upon finding out their mission, offered to help, but warned them that the Prince intended to betray them. He told them to obey the Prince’s orders when the time came.

Doctor Chapman bestowed three gifts – a Wooden Holy Symbol of Justicia to Helga, a Golden Orb that answers yes-no questions thrice a day to Marth Hammer, and a Bronze Buckler to Lemon Chill. He negotiated a bit more with Marth, agreeing to take him on as his Patron if he became a wizard, and allowing him to take a Selective Cloak of Invisibility that works on some species but not others (such as halflings). Then Doctor Chapman opened a portal for them to return to the party waiting in the tower.

The Upper Courtyard

Before proceeding to the castle itself, the party wanted to scout the upper courtyard in the northeast corner of the main courtyard. Marth Hammer decided to scout ahead using his Selective Cloak of Invisibility – and that’s how he found out that although it works on hobyahs, he was still visible to the greater hobyahs that laired up there! A battle ensued in which Helga the hunter and Zyprexa the orphan were slain.

The Great Hall

The party entered the Great Hall of Sefton Castle and found (and looted) the skeletal remains of folk who had been at a feast when the curse fell upon them. They found 5 faerie women sleeping, and when Tarsal tried to wake up one of them, they all awoke and spoke, then vanished:

  • A fair-haired woman in a green dress – “For 100 years has Beauty Slept.” – she made a gesture of benediction that healed the wounds of the party.
  • A dark-skinned, dark-haired woman in a blue dress – “When she arises, so too shall all who sleep in this castle.” – pantomimed many arisings with her fingers.
  • A red-haired woman in riding clothes – “This is the Sword of Truth, which cuts all lies and falsehoods.” – she gave the Sword of Truth to Michael Lin.
  • A dark-haired, foreign woman in a red dress decorated with golden dragons – “This is the Shield of Truth, which alone protects against the piercing thorns.” – she gave the Shield of Truth to Lunestra.
  • A dark-haired woman in a yellow dress – “This is the Mirror of Truth, whose reflections pierce illusion, but beware, for not all truth is good to know.” – she gave the Mirror of Truth to Adam Lake.

The Rose Dragon

The party went up the stairs to a room filled by a giant pile of cut roses. But the Golden Orb said “yes” to the question of whether or not the roses were a threat! They shifted, and revealed themselves to be a horse-sized dragon made of roses – a Rose Dragon! The party waded into battle with the dragon, that made several of them fall asleep with its dragon’s breath, and tried to charm them (except that Michael Lin had drawn the Sword of Truth, which prevented it from affecting them with its lies!). During the fight, Marth Hammer used his Selective Cloak of Invisibility to scout ahead – the Golden Orb told him that “yes,” Sleeping Beauty was this way – but he encountered a bottomless pit and had to turn back! The party was victorious over the Rose Dragon with no casualties except those who had been put to sleep! They awakened their comrades and continued on!

The Antechamber

The party followed Marth Hammer to where he had encountered the “bottomless pit” in the antechamber to Sleeping Beauty’s room. Adam Lake was able to break the illusion with the Mirror of Truth. They were able to pass into the chamber beyond.

The Chamber of Sleeping Beauty

The party located Sleeping Beauty – the Mirror of Truth showed her to be a dry corpse, but Palmonides, the Demon of the Mirror, advised them, “Bring her gently to the Prince, and your reward is assured!” Siggi was strong enough to carry Sleeping Beauty unaided.

On the way out of the castle, they did check the room where the Spinning Wheel sat, but having decided that the wheel was likely accursed in some way, they left it alone. They hastened to meet with Prince Charming.

The Charming Prince

The party returned to the clearing where they met with Prince Charming, his bailiff, and 20 of his men-at-arms. He ordered them to lay down arms and give him his bride. He announced his intention to revive her, then kill them all so that they could not spread rumors about him.

Palmonides, the Demon of the Mirror, reminded them, “Obedience in this case offers advantage, and ensures your true reward for this day’s work. Disobedience may well result in your death, which is otherwise only assured if you attack the Prince’s bride to be!” The party decided to comply.

The party watched as the Prince injected Sleeping Beauty with some of his Reanimation Serum, then kissed her. She began to move, and it seemed like it had worked! Then, her kiss seemed to drain the life from the Prince, and she ripped his head from his body! Then men-at-arms leaped to their lord’s defense, and Sleeping Beauty literally tore them apart. She departed into the woods bearing the Prince’s head.

The party took a few rounds to loot the men-at-arms for weapons and coins, and the Prince’s body for some coins, his ruby ring, and three doses of Prince Charming’s Reanimation Serum.

The Tomb-Legions

The party began to hear noises coming from Sefton Castle – “When she arises, so too shall all who sleep in this castle!” – the inhabitants of the castle, all now skeletal undead, began to stumble from the castle into the Grimmswood. The party fled back into the Barony of Westlake . . .


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